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By: Jennifer Spindler, Gettysburg Festival Intern, Gettysburg College Class of 2010, Art History Major/Business Minor

As an intern working closely with the Festival’s History Meets the Arts component, I have the pleasure of visiting downtown galleries, meeting the owners and looking at the various art pieces that will be on display during the Festival. I hope to share some of my insights and impressions through this blog as I visit the galleries.

Artist Dale Gallon

The gallery I am writing about today is Gallon Historical Art Gallery. This gallery is in a lovely brick building on the right of Steinwehr Ave heading south, where Steinwehr splits off Baltimore Street towards the battlefields. I didn’t know exactly what to expect, and was pleasantly surprised with the inside of the gallery. There are gorgeous arched wooden ceilings, with great lighting for the paintings, and an open, fresh atmosphere. I was extremely impressed with the layout, which includes a backroom for originals and a second floor. As I looked around the gallery, Anne Gallon explained to me that for every battle scene Dale paints, he has a historian describe exactly what happened at that moment to be entirely accurate. Every painting bought comes with an essay, describing each icon in the composition and the objects in the background. It is common for the paintings to have recognizable historical buildings that still exist. I thought it was awesome to see a painting with the ABC Brewery in it, showing how the Civil War battle at Gettysburg literally was all over the town. One of the most distinctive characteristics that I observed about Dale Gallon’s paintings is his use of atmospheric perspective, playing with colors and texture that evokes a feeling of wonderment and significance about the battle scene. It is aesthetically pleasing to the viewer, whether the knowledge of the battle scene is known or not. (And believe me, I do not know about the battle scenes.) I am drawn to the delightful execution of color and gradation of tones that sets a mood specific to each painting.

Fight'n Irish by Dale Gallon

One of my favorite paintings is not done justice by a photo. It is the painting of the Irish brigade, called the “Fight’n Irish.” It is full of greens and gives distinct Irish pride. Even the mist has a sea-green color to it, integrating the figures into the background and overall making it very dramatic. Makes me want to be Irish… too bad I am completely Italian and German. Also… very conveniently in time for St. Patty’s Day!

When I receive an update of the events that the Gallon Gallery will be holding, it will be displayed on the Gettysburg Festival website, under visual arts. 

Click on this link for an overview of the History Meets the Arts events, including a list of participating galleries:

For more information about the Gallon Historical Art Gallery:

So far, I am very impressed. Next  blog entry will be for the American Civil War Museum/Gettysburg Gift Center! See ya then.