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GETTYSBURG, PA (August 7, 2013) – On the heels of a successful 2013 event, the Gettysburg Festival – the parent organization of the yearly Gettysburg Fest – has set wheels in motion for an even better 2014. The 7th Annual Gettysburg Fest will be held June 11-15th and debut its newly condensed 5-day format, featuring multiple stages to showcase a wider variety of regional and local talent, while still offering national level talent. Festival organizers commit to remaining true to the theme of celebrating music, arts and culture. The Fest will also build on its tradition of involving the entire community through its Fringe events and popular visual arts and culinary features, such as the Plein Air paint outs, Quick Draw competition and the History Meets the Arts: Edible Arts Tour.

Additionally, the Fest has slated Father’s Day weekend in Gettysburg, PA as the place to be, inviting families to bring Dad for a truly memorable experience he will always cherish – having already secured dates for 2015 (June 18-21) and 2016 (June 16-19). A partnership announcement for the venue for the newly revamped Festival will be forthcoming.

“Like in business, when producing a festival or event, it is critical that you listen to what your customers tell you,” Gettysburg Fest executive director, Randy Prasse explains. “The feedback we received from our vendors, artists and attendees universally told us they are looking for an action-packed weekend event with a traditional festival atmosphere, programmed morning, afternoon and evening. The enhanced 2014 Gettysburg Fest will deliver exactly what the customers ordered!”

Prasse continues, “The Gettysburg Fest showcases the region’s existing and emerging contemporary arts culture, always against the historical background of our iconic town. It is not only a celebration of our history and the well of talent in this area, but with events like 2013’s sold-out Hunter Hayes show, with a capacity crowd of 4,000 – the largest concert Gettysburg has experienced – the Fest proved its ability to attract a new and unique crowd to the area; one that is young and adventurous but very interested in their roots and American history. These folks are active consumers with expendable income to spread throughout the Gettysburg region.”

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