By Jennifer Spindler, Gettysburg Festival Intern, Gettysburg College Class of 2010, Art History Major

The Brafferton Inn, 44 York Street

On a beautiful Friday morning, I walked over to Gettysburg’s York Street in order to visit an upcoming Gettysburg Festival gallery location–the historic Brafferton Inn. It is a tall stone building with a heavy set door and intricate molding. Inside, it has a very quaint and relaxed atmosphere, with a long hall that opens on the left into a sitting room with a large window. Keith Rocco’s artwork adorns every wall, with various Civil War oriented paintings–some that are close ups of figures and some that are battle scenes. After talking to owner Brian Hodges, I learned that the inn was built in 1786, the oldest house in downtown Gettysburg, a fact which is underlined by its antique interior. 

Keith Rocco, Marshall's Crossroads-Charge of the 2nd WV Cavalry

During the Festival’s History Meets the Arts events, the dining room will be used as an additional gallery.  This fascinating room has a mural painted around the walls, depicting several of Gettysburg’s recognizable buildings, including Penn Hall from Gettysburg College! Very nice. One of my favorite Keith Rocco paintings is hanging up in the front hall on the left, Pickett’s Charge.  It is highly dramatic with each soldier showing his determination to fight. It is the facial expressions of the figures that bring the painting to life. The painting is large; 30 X 46 inches and its size makes it very powerful. It is the perfect piece to put in the front hall of a gallery.

Overall, the inn is quite lovely and cozy. I want to stay there…maybe when I am older and have a salary. There are still rooms available for the Festival as well if you are interested! Word on the street from a friend who has stayed there is that they serve the best breakfast in town.